Home Building in Hawaii – Considerations for the Home Builder

Home Building in Hawaii??  Here are some considerations: 

Finding vacant land is one of your biggest challenges.   Approximately 5% of the land in Hawaii can be built on making vacant lots very difficult to find.  Kiilae Farms offers 5+ acre lots in a gated community – Vacant Lots!   While these lots are zoned agricultural, you can build a home on them as well!  You can stop your land search here

If you have experience in home construction you can obtain an Owner-Builder type of permit and do much of the work yourself.  You will still need a licensed electrician and plumber to handle the wiring and plumbing if you are home building in Hawaii.  A licensed architect must stamp your building plans.  Try to keep your business local, we thrive on that here in Kona.    

Some of the home sites at Kiilae Farms have already had a pad cleared for a home, while others need clearing or leveling.   If home building in Hawaii, have your building site prepared by an experienced excavator.  If you do choose to do this yourself, there are local companies that will rent you the equipment you need. 

Typically when home building in Hawaii, you need to worry about utilities, and the major expense of getting utilities to your new home.  At Kiilae Farms, underground utilities and County water have already been taken care of.   We will provide you information to contact all of the utilities in the area.  

The observant person will notice that many island homes have the same basic designs. This is partially due to the fact that many people build from home “kits” purchased from one of the island’s lumber supply stores.  (see an example) There are some advantages to going the kit route when home building in Hawaii.  You save a lot of time and effort shopping for individual boards.  Often the kit sellers can deliver the house in stages so that the construction site is not overloaded with materials and there is less chance of major theft.   Ask if staggered delivery is available.  There may also be some price advantage to purchasing a kit.   Ask the kit seller about modifications to their basic plans and if they will supply plans stamped by their in-house architects.  House kits often come with slab or post and pier foundation options.  You will want to consider your building site when deciding which is most appropriate.  

When home building in Hawaii you may elect to use a licensed building contractor.  Of course you need to do a thorough check of references and licenses of the contractor(s) you hire.  Go look at some of the work they have done. Talk to some of their customers if possible.  Hawaii is not different from the rest of the country in this respect.  This is a big investment for you and it deserves great care.

Information provided by Kiilae Farms, a Gated Community with 5+ Acre lots and Panoramic Ocean Views.  Lots start from just $320,000.  Learn more about Kiilae Farms.