It’s snowing in Kona!

It’s snowing all over Kona!

Dainty coffee flowers have burst forth on the trees and line the branches with white puffs. From a distance it looks like a dusting of snow over the trees.

March and April are extra beautiful months here in Kona. (I have to say “extra” beautiful, because Kona only knows beautiful days)  While in full bloom, the coffee orchards turn white with “Kona Snow” – an absolutely breathtaking sight. The coffee snow lays in wait for a good rainstorm, then pops out a few days after.  Depending upon weather conditions and the conditions of the trees, coffee orchards in Kona will have 4 or 5 significant blooms each early spring, which will culminate into 4 or 5 rounds of coffee cherries to be harvested a little more than seven months later.   Wish us luck and rain!


This time next year, you could be drinking these flowers!  18 pounds of cherries once dried and processed yield about 2 pounds of Kona coffee. There are an estimated 800 coffee farms in the Kona area. This picture was taken here at Ki’ilae Farms on lot 48 which is available for sale.  This 7.791 acre coffee farm is cleared for more fruit and a home.  See more info on Lot 48. 


Now if that’s not enough to make you come to Kona – then the amazing smell of citrus should!  Ripe oranges, avocados, persimmons, and assorted citrus fruits weigh down our trees this time of year. Still looking for more?  How about awe inspiring Panoramic Ocean views from your Lanai to enjoy each morning while you sip some of that fantastic Kona coffee?    This photo is taken from the lanai on Lot 47, also available for sale.  See more on Lot 47.

Ki’ilae Farms is a Private Gated Community with Property & Custom home sites ranging from 5-75 acres priced from $285,000 . The lots and home sites at Ki’ilae Farms are nestled in the world famous Kona Coffee district. Large lots with Panoramic Ocean views and rich, fertile soil await you!  Learn more about Ki’ilae Farms.